Listen as Becky explains what science is discovering about how God created men and women and how, when we are in partnership with God, sex is good, very good.

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Deb Link

Becky is truly a one-of-a-kind resource. Because she has opened herself so completely to God’s wildest dreams for her, she has a unique ability to help individuals and couples enter into the fullness of what God created them to be as sexual and relational beings. I know that when I refer people to her, they are held literally within the love and freeing truth of God, spoken into the most intimate parts their story.

Deb LinkOwnerLink Therapy and Meditation
Paul Smyth

Becky is a great author and speaker who brings openness, insight, and sensitivity to many topics around human sexuality that often remain in the dark. I highly recommend her and know you’ll find your experience to be impactful.

Paul SmythBusiness Performance AdvisorInsperity

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