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More Than Hate…

The drama that has unfolded this past week in our country has left me overwhelmed and speechless (almost). I did part of my growing up in south Texas, I know a tiny bit about prejudice. My dad was a pastor in a conservative southern church and when he invited an ex-con, black man to live […]

Do I See What I Bring?

I am sitting here eating my breakfast with Cain and Abel. The first, but not last, glimpse we have into the complexity of sibling relationships in the Bible. If you haven’t read the story I highly recommend it though I am guessing that at first glance, or Google search, it will reveal Abel God approved […]

Where Are You?

Three mistakes in my last post that are to be honest a bit embarrassing – seriously “add media” button was not there a couple days ago. Did I mention blogging is vulnerable for me???? As I was sitting beside the lake today, working on trying to gather some insight/inspiration to write about, this boat comes ripping through […]

I liked his shoes…

A few years ago I met this new pastor that came to the church I was attending at the time. He impressed me with his style of preaching, his plaid shirts but really I liked his shoes…not spiritual (to some) but it is true and I own it that my eyes check out his shoes […]

Christmas Carol Favorite

I have a favorite Christmas carol – I am not sure when it became my favorite, but it is something that moves me emotionally…I get teary and reflective physically…I find myself lightly swaying. O Holy night, the stars are brightly shining I love the stars, the silence of night time, the stopping of a world […]

Love That Costs Us Something

What is my focus on? We all have that one person. The person we would deliver a well-deserved, serves-you-right smack across the face in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself. It is in the moment when I want to get real and give that person exactly what their behavior REALLY deserves that I must […]

Teen Boys and Teen Girls And What Makes Their Brains So Very Different

The challenge of parenting teenagers Parenting teenagers can be challenging, and unfortunately, there’s not a quick, fix-all formula for parenting your unique teen the “right way”. The physical differences between men and women are pretty obvious, but the differences in emotional development during puberty, often referred to as “the awkward stage,” stand in stark contrast. […]