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Becoming A Parent

My life is changing… Sometimes we get to choose change and other times we do not. I love being a mom. I am forever grateful for the ways marriage and children have changed me, but at times it is also hard. I am entering this week knowing that in the course of five days my […]

A Game of Hide And Seek

I got the chance to play hide and seek a few nights ago. Three boys under the age of six and three adults–good odds, really. We took turns counting to 25 and hiding in new places (while also re-hiding in previous spots). I noticed three things: There’s great anticipation in ‘being found’ Not all hiding places are […]

“Your Image of God Creates You”

Just the other day, I got an early birthday present from a friend. It’s a book. Which is actually, the very last thing I thought I would want, only because I currently have five books that are half finished, three purchased waiting to be read, and seven on my “wish list” in Amazon. With a […]

Let Me Introduce My New Friend

I would like to introduce you to a new friend of mine. Actually, I don’t know it all that well yet myself, but no matter. For the past two years, I have been looking, searching, and weighing in my mind how to continue to transform a once bedroom into an office space that honors journeying. […]

Standing Together with Ashes on Our Heads

It’s the season of Lent. What this means to each of us can be vastly different, but last night when I had the opportunity to serve in our Ash Wednesday service, I saw something. Men, Women, Children, Babies in arms. We all came and were marked by the black ash. This ash had once been palm leaves, […]

One Piece of the Mosaic

To my friends at Mosaic NEO, Today, I sit at my desk and gather the bravery I need to tackle the mounds of unopened mail and all the other overwhelming and simple realities of being home. But first, before I move any further, I want to pause and remember some priceless moments from the past […]

Climbing on the Edge in Israel

Climbing to the Edge “All you need is a mustard seed of faith in order to move mountains,” No offense to all those Sunday school teachers that tried really hard to explain this to me, but honestly it never made any sense. I mean, come on, have you ever seen a real mustard seed? It’s […]

It’s “True” and “Essence” with one “e”

People often have to ask, “How do you spell Truessence?” and I always respond something like this:  “It’s the word “true” and “essence” combined together with one “e” in the middle.” Confusing? Well maybe just a bit, but during these past few months of our rebranding journey, I’ve been continually reminded of the why, where […]

Numbing the Pain Just Seems Easier

I don’t like pain-killers, but I do confess to having them in my house. The reason I say this as a confession is that some of my friends, who will remain nameless here – but you know who you are – do not let things like this cross under their doorposts. While I seek to […]