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Happy Mornings

One of the most beautiful things about sleep is that it refreshes and renews the body. Like high octane fuel for a race car, sleep provides the fuel of energy to our bodies by allowing blood to course freely in and through every part of our body without restrictions of clothes, posture or tension. The […]

The Brain In Orgasm

Recently at a conference I was commenting on the scientific differences that have been recorded through PET scans on men/women’s brain during orgasm. While there is still much to study in this area, the overall findings surprise the scientist in that the exact opposite areas of the male/female brain light up during an orgasm. The major […]

About Holy Sexuality

SEXUALITY IS A SUBJECT THAT IS EASILY, AND OFTEN, DISTORTED. Many outlets bombard us with the physical and chemical realities of passion, and call it sexuality—overlooking any influence our minds and souls may have. Fairytale endings entice us to dream that great sex is sustained by emotional attachment or hearts a-flutter. And some religious communities […]