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Is God ever sad that we were created?

From the time I was a small child, I heard the creation story from the Bible and saw it acted out on flannel graph displays (Remember those? The flat, little one-dimensional characters we used before the days of the internet?). As an innocent four-year-old little girl, I experienced the drama and emotion of the Creation […]

What informs our perceptions of sexuality and sex?

From a very young age I discovered the anatomical differences between a boy and a girl, but sex or sexuality were definitely not talked about. If “it” was talked about it was only in hushed whispers, indicating that “it” was dirtywrongandverybad — whatever “it” was. My childhood interpretation was that even wondering about sex was […]

Concluding Interruptions | The Best Kind of News

You know that moment when someone tells you some news and you feel suspended, frozen in time? That moment of receiving that news, you know you will always remember because when we intentionally participate in another’s life there are always going to be these moments. These moment’s when another’s words change us. The good news: […]

Interrupted by Christmas | A Choice

Today as you gather with family around a tree, a manger or a whisper of hope, may you unwrap the truest essence of Christmas, a choice. This one choice has led to the mystery of Christmas surrounding, entering and changing history. When we choose to say “yes” to God, it takes us deep into the mystery. None […]

Interrupted | The Labor of Love

What does it look like the day before life is born? There is labor. Labor is so real and can never be avoided. Yet, so often I want to run from the cascading contractions; the pushing, the squeezing, the throbbing within the pain. It’s a rhythm of letting go till the body is finally ready […]

Peace on Earth | Interrupted by Silence

I love Christmas music. Why? Because the words transport me to my childhood, to memories of Christmas Eve services, to historical moments in the composer’s lives. Christmas carols have a way of connecting me to others in the mall, at a coffee shop, and even to others around the world. There is a sense of commonality that carols have of […]

Interrupted by Violence | Sandy Hook

Friday at lunch I heard of this tragedy in Newtown, CT, and instantly one man’s violence reached out and interrupted my heart.   It is a season of celebrating waiting anticipating a babe in a manger who brings love… Confusion swirls pain penetrates questions pierce my mind Where does this kind of violence come from? […]

A Breath of Consent | Interrupted

Advent is from the Latin word “adventus” which means “arrival.” Often I convince myself that the “arrival” of Christ in me requires a dramatic or gut wrenching response that rips through me with anguish… What if it is a mere breath of consent? An invitation to breath? Ten days till Christmas, so much that is […]

God is Love | Interrupted

I am out for a run, sorting through the dozen things on my list for that day, enjoying some solitude and time to myself. Then through my headset I hear two beeps that indicate a text message. Then another. And another. And another. Hmmm…. So I pause the music, and look at my phone. I […]

Interrupted | The Story of Esther

Several days ago now, a very dear young friend of mine and Rick’s was dancing in the show, Esther: For Such A Time As This  that is put on by Creo Arts & Dance Conservatory – a sweet local dance studio. If you are a parent, grandparent or close friend then you know The Routine. The Routine of, […]