Holy Sexuality: Beginning with Questions

What in the world does sexuality have to do with spirituality? Now that’s a good question. Becky addresses that and so much more in her book.

You’ll discover fresh truth from the scriptures and amazing new revelations in brain science and biology that are converging to provide a wealth of insight as well as a holy invitation: Can we recognize our sexuality as good by God’s design? And can we embrace real-life questions as sacred invitations to learn more about God and His amazing love for us?

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Truessence | Sexuality & Spirituality CD Set

Join Becky as she looks in fresh ways at the body, mind and spirit of females and males — through the eyes of scripture and science. Discover precious truths about your Creator, and the gift of sex.

As one who has walked her own path to sexual healing, you’ll hear Becky speak from her heart about the pain, power and inteneded pleasure of sexuality. She gracefully invites women and men into the mystery and the journey of living as they are created to be.

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Becky’s shelves are happily crowded with countless books that have influenced her writing and teaching over the years. Here she has compiled a list of her absolute favorite reads. Keep in mind that this is an ever-growing list as Becky continues to collect new bits of learning to share. You might want to check back again soon.

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