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Pastoral Counseling

Becky offers a variety of pastoral counseling for both men and women. If this is something you’re interested in, please submit an inquiry with the form provided. We’ll be in touch with you shortly.


Using the Prepare and Enrich Inventory, couples receive practical tools for growing stronger communication patterns and skills around a number of real-life marital issues such as: defining engagement and expectations around sex, integrating families of origin, past dating relationships or sexual experiences, day-to-day conflict resolution, etc.


Many men and women desire a greater understanding of how sexuality and spirituality are intertwined. During individual pastoral counseling, men and women have the chance to address past relationship wounds, receive tools to begin healing where it’s needed and desired, be equipped for areas of growth as well as recognize and live out of one’s strengths.

Couples | Sexual coaching

Couples can often feel stuck in their married sex life. By inviting couples to see sex as an act that engages each person’s entire self: spirit, mind, and body – couples are given the chance to establish better sexual communication that in turn can positively affect many other areas of their relationship.

Sexual crisis situations

Becky offers confidential pastoral counseling during crisis situations for individuals, clergy or church boards. To inquiry in a crisis situation, please call 612.388.7379. Leave a message with your information and you will be contacted directly.