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The pain is here again

And the frustration

My back

My legs

I squeeze my shoulders

Clench and unclench my hands

Good body.

You are a good body.

You are such a

Hard Worker.

You endlessly labor

To process it all:

Food, air, feelings, stimuli,

Bugs and bumps.


You experience everything.

Still you strive to keep me here.

You are such a

Skilled Communicator.

You tell me

Stop, go, don’t stop, attend to this.

I frequently ask you to

Wait, to push past,

To take on that

Which is alien to you.

And to the best of your ability,

Despite how I treat you

Or speak to you, you serve

My innate need to be well.

And when you can, even

My will.

Dear Friend.

Hard Worker.

Skilled Communicator.

Good Body.

I hear you.

Even in need,

Especially in pain,

With gratitude,

I bless you.


Mary Martin Wiens is a poet, a writer, a seeker, a reader, a friend, a confidant, a wife, a mother who absorbs, listens and holds bits of the world around her everywhere she goes. And sometimes those bits come out in poems.


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  1. Sande Rajcic
    Sande Rajcic says:

    I came across this piece on a Christian spiritual transformation site – and am so glad I did. You might be interested in the Renovare discussions this week on FB, which are about the holiness of the body as God made it. Thank you for your incredible talent, and your honest wisdom. Blessings!


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