How sweet it is to be loved by you…

I think love is risky…

I had breakfast with a friend the other day. We talked about our shared moments in history, our life stages, grown/growing children, and then we turned a dark corner into the hard stuff. The kind of things that once they’re said out loud can no longer be hidden.

I think love is messy…

We talked of our fears, our hopes, those dreams left in the dust, and the dreams that are kind of still being formed within us. Words in our throats got caught and in the pausing we made space for oozing tears to be mopped up yet again in our already-crumpled napkins.

I think love is scary…

A dream of sharing life with another is on hold for her as she gives her energies to her children growing into adulthood. “You know that point where you let go of what you think is IT and discover what’s been waiting to be seen? What if this is that point? I don’t want to miss it.”

Way too soon, she had to leave our shared space and re-enter her roles of breadwinner and single mom of two teens.

I think love is returning again and again…

We lingered a bit at the curb, she invited me into her car to listen to a song that has brought her hope in dark places. She spoke of it as a tool that strengthens her to remember how to engage in her journey to hope in hard places. She spoke of how learning to love herself is teaching her to risk loving others more fully.

I think love creates motion…

As the melody filled the car, I found myself in tears because at the core we all need to experience many different dimensions of love. Too often we run—or too often I run—when a melody of love requires my acknowledging the need for someone else or the dimension of inviting another to see our process.

I think love is nourishing…

That day at breakfast, I had a great latte, an egg sandwich, and a lesson on loving well.

I think love is a journey not a destination…

Here’s the song.

I’d love to hear how love’s journey is teaching you today.

~ Becky

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  1. Rachel K Schneider
    Rachel K Schneider says:

    I think love is all of that …messy,mysterious,miraculous,maddening..more than we an hope for..nothing less than what we need.

    How sweet it is indeed.. to be loved..again..and again ..and again..
    by the same person…and by a new one too!!


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