Becky Patton TruessenceHow this all began

The Truessence story started simply with Becky Patton, who one day dared to speak openly about an intimate area of her life. As she courageously began sharing her own journey into sexual healing and personal wholeness, she was met with a great deal of interest, a few skeptics and many questions.

One question came up consistently. How?

How did you start this journey? How can I? How is spirituality related to sexuality? How can dormant passions be awakened? How can I heal from sexual wounds? Can I explore my sexuality in a way that is honoring to myself and others? What do healthy relationships between men and women even look like?

Eventually, these questions lead to the founding of Truessence.

Becky is someone who invites women and men to live face-to-face with one another while honoring the tension of our differences. She believes there is deep and profound power in rightly ordered relationships rooted in mutual interdependence.

Whether you encounter Becky through pastoral counseling or reading Holy Sexuality: Beginning with Questions, you’ll find her message is one that offers hope in the midst of addressing the areas that often hinder healthy and whole relationships. Her perspective is richly grounded in scientific study, personal experience and ancient Biblical truths.

Is the Truessence logo a hexagon?

Why yes it is. The hexagon represents two distinct diamonds, man and woman, each fully occupying a portion in the shared space of relationship. Between these two diamonds are two triangles. These triangles represent the space that’s needed for our own vulnerability when we begin to step into face-to-face relationships.

Learning to honor and value one another in our differences is a process. But do you see those small orange dots? These dots represent the seeds of new life that begin to grown when our capacity to see and experience God in one another is intentionally nurtured. The tension we feel in this process always invites us into a more expansive view of God.

Yes it’s a hexagon, but it’s in the collection of shapes and spaces, beautifully formed together, that we can see a whole that is fundamental to the very essence of what we teach at Truessence. This hexagon was crafted to serve as a visual reminder for us that our differences are good and are an intentional part of God’s design for humankind.