An Everyday Story of Interconnectedness

There is a window in my house that must be replaced. It must because between the woodpeckers repeatedly digging their beaks into random sections and the rain pouring between the frame and the house, the window is now foggy. You can’t see through it. Nope not one bit.

A couple of weeks ago, I realized I couldn’t ignore the hazy window anymore. So I shopped…

  • chose a window…
  • the contractor came to measure…
  • a credit card was swiped to purchase the window…

Then the installer came with the window only to inform me that the frame will need to be custom-made. And that’s just great, because the contractor had assured me this was not going to be necessary.

My window was installed a few weeks back on a hot day when sweat ran like a stream down the installer’s back. And now? You’ve been outside lately, haven’t you? It’s fall now with night temperatures hovering around freezing. Yet, still there is no frame encircling my window.

I am waiting…

There are some words spoken by Desmond Tutu when he addressed the University of Toronto awhile back that have challenged me to notice an opportunity for growth in the midst of these window repair shenanigans:

“We are caught up in a delicate network of interconnectedness. I have gifts that you don’t, and you have gifts I don’t–voila! We are made different so that we may know our need of one another.”

I will never be able to understand the logistics of curved window frames, but I do have the capacity to see and value those who are involved. I value people, who they are and the process that is transforming us by being in relationship together.

The weeks have passed and my installer has been to my house six different times. I have now…

  • met and chatted with his fiancé…
  • shared a glass of iced tea while hearing about his dreams….
  • born witness to the frustrations of his profession…

I must admit, at times I am frustrated and think it would be much easier to resort to “claiming my rights” and “demanding that things be fixed” on my timeframe. But when I pause to notice, I can see  how his craftsman gift is meeting my relational gift and together we are experiencing being interconnected.

He is teaching me something and maybe he is learning from me…

What is coming to life by the delicate network of recognizing interconnectedness? How are you learning to honor differences in your life that reveal unexpected opportunities?

~ becky

PS I still don’t have a finished window. So there might be a bit more for me to learn…(??)

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  1. Dan Bennett
    Dan Bennett says:

    Okay… This one hit me between the eyes. Not only does this hold true for the people we meet in our lives everyday, but it also holds true in our homes as well. Sometimes, in all the busyness that life brings, when I’m at home, I can forget that my wife IS and WAS made different so that I may know my need for her.

    Why is that?

    I don’t know how or why it happens, but if we could carry this thought, not only out into the world, but into our homes, just think of the transformations we might see.

  2. Becky Patton
    Becky Patton says:

    You are so right. For me I know that I must choose to not be threatened by differences and in turn I learn more about appreciating them. Home is not always the most comfortable place to practice this, but it could have the most rippling impact in life.


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