A Year-end Ministry Review

Giving thanks for this year

With the holidays upon us I can’t help but let my thoughts drift to the life of Jesus. As I think about the threads we see throughout Jesus’ life, I keep returning to two things in particular: His deep love for Scripture and His deep love for people.

These two things are hallmarks for how we at Truessence want to be about the work of healing relationships between women and men. Here is a small peek into what this past year of ministry has looked liked.

In pastoral counseling…

We seek to be a safe and trusted resources for pastors, ministries, and churches when life crises impact individuals, marriages, and communities. I cannot begin to tell you how wildly sacred it is to enter these vulnerable moments of raw, exposed sexual shame, wounded vows, or crushed dreams.

As I sit with people who feel like their identity is being swallowed up by shame from sexual choices, I repeatedly watch a mysterious strength come and help them reach toward the hope of God resting within them. In these moments, I am reminded that there is nothing beyond the healing heart of our God.

“Becky’s pastoral counseling walked our marriage out of unimaginable darkness. We marvel at our new vantage point today and could not be bigger fans and advocates of Truessence’s ministry.”  – Married couple

In socratic Scripture studies…

In creating environments for studying Scripture in the ancient socratic method, we seek to encourage pastors and leaders—women and men of all ages—to ask the important questions: to see how we are a part of a bigger story God is weaving. We believe it is imperative for church and community leaders, pastors, and teachers to know they can be in the process of learning how to live out the truths they are teaching.

“I can think of few things in my life that have been as transformational to my understanding of myself, the Bible, and the character of God as these socratic studies. –  Pastor who attended her first socratic study this fall

“In all of my theological training and learning, I have never been impacted as deeply and profoundly as I have been when studying socratically. It has changed my life. – Pastor who regularly attends socratic studies

Noticing the new life

I hold a vast well of gratitude for what has been planted and what has come to life this year—both in counseling and through studying Scripture. If Truessence is a ministry you feel compelled to invest in, I’d love to invite you to do so. Because of your continued financial support, we are able to:

  • Bring hope in dark places through counseling.
  • Provide environments for leaders to engage with Scripture in new ways and, in turn, bring what they learn into their circles of influence.

Here are a four specific ways you can support Truessence.

$25  $75   $150

“I invest in Truessence because I dearly want to give couples the opportunity to receive counseling that I never had.” – Monthly giver

A few months ago, as I was on a plane headed to a community experiencing a sexual crisis with deep wounds, I became overwhelmed by sadness. I began taking deep, yoga-like breaths to keep from wiping my nose on my seat mate’s shoulder.

Oh God how will I hold these people? Can there be hope in this hard place?

As I breathed I closed my eyes and saw an image of Jesus on the cross, hardly able to breathe. He began giving His breath me and to this community so we could continue the ministry of deeply loving God’s people.

And so, on behalf of myself and the Truessence Board, I’d like to express our gratitude for the ways your support has allowed us to invest in the lives of others this year. Keep us in your heart as we seek to listen carefully to where God is leading us in this next year of ministry.

May you breathe our God in and out with joy,

~ Becky Patton and the Board of Truessence

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